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BioWare update Mass Effect: Andromeda to be Xbox One X enhanced

Published: 09:30, 08 November 2018
Picture of Cora doing her space magic in Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

BioWare are celebrating N7 day on 07 November every year, which usually involves new merchandise promotion, new content or a patch - all related to a Mass Effect game. This time it was Andromeda's turn and the game received 4K treatment.

No one really believed BioWare and EA could mess Mass Effect series any more than they did with the ending and forced multiplayer of Mass Effect 3, but they did. The failure manifested in the form of Mass Effect Andromeda, and the extent of it can be best described by the fact that it's an EA game that didn't even warrant singleplayer DLC after the disastrous launch.

Folks at BioWare are still working on the game though, and decided to give it a face lift for Xbox One X. The update is already available and players will need to download 1.68 GB if they want to enjoy it in full glory of 4K, which is not confirmed as native yet.

There is no 4K tag on the store page, but it wouldn't make much sense if it simply ran checkerboard rendering at 1800p, as PlayStation 4 Pro can also do it. It really wouldn't look good for Microsoft who are in the leading spot when it comes to console hardware since Xbox One X has to be superior to PlayStation 4 Pro before.

As we stated before, Mass Effect Andromeda's sales have been so feeble a grandma would think it didn't eat well. BioWare might be hoping for some late corrections in that department as the game is now on 60 per cent off sale, both for the Standard Recruit and Deluxe Recruit editions. The first one is priced at $12 / £7.20 while the latter stands at $16 / £18.

BioWare picture showing charachter in futuristic suit standing in the desert Mass Effect

This pricing is quite odd, since the Standard Recruit is significantly cheaper in UK than it would be in US, while the opposite stands for Deluxe Recruit. You can check the prices in GBP , or in USD .

Mass Effect series by developer Bioware and Electronic Arts

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