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Mass Effect: Andromeda going for "full nudity"

Published: 12:30, 27 February 2017
Updated: 12:40, 27 February 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Although Mass Effect: Andromeda still hasn't received its official ESRB rating, BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn announced that the game is shedding the "partial nudity" content descriptor in favour of the "full nudity" one. 

Considering Natalie Dormer, the voice of , hails from a show famous for coining the term "sexposition" and the reputation of the Mass Effect series itself it's not a massive shock the ESRB are taking their time.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Natalie Dormer Mass Effect Andromeda: Natalie Dormer

Although the European rating is still not available, the harsher Australian rating classifies it as MA15+ with “strong sex scenes and violence".


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