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Mass Effect Trilogy is not coming to Switch, according to Jeff Grubb

Published: 14:35, 22 September 2020
Mass Effect Commander Shepard meme
Mass Effect Commander Shepard meme

The latest rumour for the long-awaited remastered release of Mass Effect trilogy is not that good for the Nintendo Switch owners, and there are claims about a whole new name for it.

Every new day seems to bring a new leak, or rumour, or some claims, related to the highly-anticipated Mass Effect Trilogy reveal. This day is no different.

This time with a small note that Nintendo Switch fans could be very dissapointed. 

Why? Because the latest rumor says that the Nintendo Switch will not get the Mass Effect trilogy remastered version at all and that the same will be called the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

This time it is not a leak by some Portuguese or Czech retailers. The claims come from Jeff Grubb (GamesBeat reporter), who mentioned on the Xbox Expansion Podcast that the trilogy would be called the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and that it would not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

This would not surprise us, considering that it is a remastered version we're talking about here, so we wonder how it would actually perform at all on the not so powerful Switch console.

We already saw some remastered games struggling to perform on Switch, but then again, there's a completely decent port of The Witcher 3 for Switch performing not that bad at all. With a little dev magic, we could be saving the universe from the ancient Reapers on-the-go.

The claims may not prove to be true, but they come fresh after the leak from the Czech retailer we wrote yesterday, which also included a version for Switch available to pre-order.

Mass Effect Mass Effect

In any case, we would love to get some official information soon, because there are more and more of these leaks and rumours surfacing online every day. 

What we know for sure is that there's a new Mass Effect book on our way: The Art of the Mass Effect trilogy will be launching February 2021.

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