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Mass Effect 5 has left pre-production; now early in development

Published: 08:24, 14 April 2022
Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Tuchanka Reaper
Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Tuchanka Reaper

Bioware have revealed via a blog post that they've successfully wrapped up the pre-production of the next Mass Effect game. 

In their Community Update blog post, Bioware have revealed that the next Mass Effect game has left pre-production and is now early in development.

The developer did not mention any additional details about the project, but this seems enough to encourage Mass Effect fans that everything is indeed going as planned and we might even see the first teaser for the game sometime next year.

For those of you hoping that the game might be revealed this year, don't get your hopes up since Bioware said it's going to take a while before they have something to show. They have once again reiterated their excitement for the project, saying how they cannot wait to reveal their baby to the world, and we're sure Mass Effect fans cannot wait for that day too but it's still early and Bioware probably have nothing to show right now. 

Electronic Arts Mass Effect: Andromeda artwork showing a  man in a space suit Mass Effect: Andromeda

The original Mass Effect trilogy is arguably considered one of the best RPG trilogies ever made but Bioware did lose the trust of many fans when they released Mass Effect: Andromeda , which was nothing but a shadow of the beloved original trilogy. 

Fears exist that the next Mass Effect game could end up being subpar as Andromeda, but Bioware promised that things will be different this time around as they're going back to their roots and will do their best to deliver a Mass Effect game that the community deserves.

Mass Effect 4 does not have a release date nor confirmed platforms just yet but if we had to guess, we would say it's coming sometime in 2024 to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. 

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