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Mass Effect: Andromeda - New Gameplay Trailer

Published: 18:26, 02 December 2016
Updated: 18:28, 02 December 2016

New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer brings first peek at actual gameplay.

As trailers go, the new footage isn't anything extraordinary. To level with you straight out of the gate, I never played the Mass Effect series. *cue horrified gasps* The old infinity engine games saturated my bloodstream long before the first Mass Effect came out. Since an were chief among all the hype surrounding the series promised, my attention never stuck with it for longer than a curious glance. That might change in early 2017.

Mass Effect: Andromeda looks good, damn good. "Humanity is looking for a new home in another galaxy, and you get to lead them there!"; Yeeeahhh, where do I sign!?

But, the trailer itself doesn't reveal much. Atmospheric shots of scenic vistas and a corny orchestral score, complete with dumm-kkeeekh Hollywood sound effects, pretty much what we have come to expect over the years.

What does look promising are the various mechanics and avenues towards fulfilling your goals of exploration and settlement. Discovery, crafting and even theft are the ones named in the trailer. The combat also appears varied, with blink dashing, melee, ranged, shielding and other options. There also seems to be a Batman-esque detective vision mode for the purposes of quest related hint hunting, and that buggy looks like it might be a fun ride.

Lots of food for speculation until Bioware makes another announcement. Enjoy.

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