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Marvel Future Revolution welcomes Dormammu

Published: 22:17, 29 September 2021
Updated: 22:22, 29 September 2021
Marvel Future Revolution - Dormammu
Marvel Future Revolution - Dormammu

Netmarble's second collab with Marvel Entertainment: Marvel Future Revolution just got a brand new update that introduces a fresh area to the game.

Marvel Future Revolution just got its first-ever update. Released in August 2021, the mobile action RPG's worlds are now converging as the new update introduces the players to the Dark Dimension and its Dread Lord Dormammu. September 29, 2021, marks the start of the fight: light versus dark, Agents versus fresh supervillains.

Dark Domain is now open to players who'll experience the all-new Epic and Side Missions, fight region-specific villains and supervillains and strive to find all the new collectables peppered around the Dormammu's realm.

Players can already go head to head with Dormammu in the Blitz contend of the day: Chains of the Abyss. Netmarble is celebrating the addition of the new region by throwing a two-week-long Check-in Event. Players who log in can score a Dark Dimension Card Box and various other Dark Domain-themed items.

The Dormammu update also introduces the following content:

  • Increased level cap: 110 (previously 100).
  • "Eyes of Osiris" special costume in the in-game store.
  • New Dark Domain Regional Costumes and Omega Cards.
  • Various improvements have been deployed for the Omega War matchmaking, the Dark Zone system and the in-game Gold supply system.

Developed by Netmarble Monster, Marvel Future Revolution is the second collaboration between Netmarble and Marvel Entertainment, and a successor to Marvel Future Fight.

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