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Pokemon GO trainers puzzled by Niantic's Limited Research event

Published: 16:48, 21 January 2019
Feebas, water-type Pokemon from Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO, Feebas

It turns out that many Pokemon GO trainers are downright unhappy over some of Niantic's choices in delivering the game's newest event called Limited Research, starting with the discouragingly low likelihood of getting a shiny Pokemon.

Limited Research events have been introduced only recently and they're basically field research that focuses on specific Pokemon. The event debuted on 19, or 20 January 2019 depending on where you're at, with Feebas as the Pokemon of choice but Niantic obviously need to do some tweaks if they're to keep their trainers happy.

In Niantic's defence though - on paper, it looked as if they pre-empted their earlier mistakes, ensuring that Limited Research events have plenty of different activities that won't bore trainers to tears. Unfortunately, in practice, it turned out a bit different.

The first issue Pokemon GO trainers ran into was the number of tasks provided. Apparently, three hours, which is how long Limited Research events last, have proven to be too short for trainers to complete. As you'd expect, this led to fewer rewards and served well to highlight the next issue. 

And the next issue are shinies. Niantic significantly altered the likelihood of scoring shiny Pokemon by not locking them to Pokestops and the resulting randomness didn't sit well with the masses.

Community Day events have relied on tried and true concepts to build a sense of camaraderie in Pokemon hunting, but Limited Research almost undoes that by making it a shot in the dark. Needless to say, a group of trainers at the same stop where only one wins is not quite pleasant.

Add to that the fact we're in January, which isn't quite hot and sunny, at least not in most parts of the world, and you get the picture.

Niantic Pokemon GO trainer walking down a path Niantic, Adventure Sync

Ultimately though, most trainers seem to agree that Niantic are onto something here, even if it will take more time to flesh out a proper event that won't leave players disappointed.

If you're interested just how disappointed they are, all you need to do is check the event's tweet .

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