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Mafia will be free to claim on Steam soon

Published: 12:52, 30 August 2022
Updated: 12:54, 30 August 2022

Mafia series is celebrating a pretty significant anniversary and 2K is preparing an intro for the new generation of gamers who may not have experienced the original in all its glory.

Mafia from 2002 is one of the most memorable games of the generation as it allowed players to experience the intricacies of organised crime in the 1930s USA from a point of view that wasn't previously available in interactive media.

With the perfect tone, great writing and amazing graphics for the era, Mafia became a worldwide hit that spawned a series that is still remembered fondly today. And now it's celebrating its 20th anniversary.

2K recognised the fans' love for the series, despite Mafia III being fairly lacklustre, and announced that the original game will be free to claim on Steam for just under a week.

The giveaway will start on September 1 and will conclude on September 5, 2022. To grab the game, simply login to your Steam account and go to the Mafia store page , where you will be able to click on the usual Add To Cart button, except this time around, it will not cost the usual $10 / €10.

2K didn't specify which version of the game people can pick up for free but it sounds like the classic one, not the Definitive Edition .

2K Games In-game screenshot from the Mafia: Definitive Edition game Mafia: Definitive Edition - a total remake of the classic crime drama

That said, the original game's community developed enough mods for it to look just as good and you will get to enjoy some features DE is missing, like having a physical garage in the game world.

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