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Madmind Studio have canceled the release of Agony: Unrated

Published: 20:06, 26 June 2018
Madmind Studio
Concept art for the failure that was Agony by Madmind Studios

Madmind Studio have gone wrong in many aspects with Agony, but they definitely named it aptly as it is exactly what backers, reviewers and other players went through. They have finally call it quits and cancel the uncensored version.

Madmind Studio have relayed this announcement via Steam, stating that the company is currently struggling with financial problems which resulted in their decision to cancel the previously promised Agony: Unrated. This version would have been released without any of the censorship imposed by the rating boards.

The team won't be completely abandoning the base game though, as it was also announced that they will keep supporting Agony through new patches. Xbox One patch is already in and waiting Microsoft's approval and once it lands, the patch should fix "the bug that was present on Xbox One X". 

All platforms will receive another patch later this week though, addressing many other, non-specified, issues that need fixing. It will also introduce "a highly refined lighting system" which may or may not be relevant as the players who were disillusioned with the game didn't have that much issue with lighting, but the bugs and Agony's overall low quality.

Needless to say, players felt cheated and lashed out in the comment section of the , some of them straight out hoping that Madmind Studio would bankrupt. This may actually come to pass, as Agony was their only game so far and considering all the broken promises as well as straight up lies provided during its development journey, it is hard to imagine Madmind will manage to find any new audience or crowdfunding. Agony: Unrated is the perfect example of one such , delivered less than three weeks ago.

Madmind Studio Promotional image for Agony, before it failed miserably on several ends Agony

Backers have had to contend with this type of agony for years, which was then extended by a generally bad experience that Agony presented. Wonky AI and stealth system, as well as the game being somewhat shallow resulted in negative reviews from critics and only 49 per cent positive reviews from Steam users. 

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