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Agony finally gets a release date trailer after many delays

Published: 19:31, 20 April 2018
Updated: 10:40, 24 September 2018
Madmind Studio
A demon is crouching in a ray of sunshine in hell.

Agony will be released on 29 May 2018 after facing controversy and ratings issues that have delayed the release of Madmind Studio's game. It appears that these complications are now over and the studio have shared an announcement trailer.

Agony has faced many due to its mature demon depictions as well as gratuitous amounts of gore present in the game. To this end, Madmind Studio have decided to have a mini celebration with the new trailer seen above and several in-game screenshots.

After the delay issues, the release date has been confirmed as 29 May 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On top of that, Madmind have decided to provide more insight into the story.

Madmind Studio A demon is approaching a burning area within hell. Agony

Players will take control of a tormented soul while it's being tortured in hell, losing its memory in the process. The protagonist is one of the martyrs, but this one has a special trait that separates them from the rest - they can possess lesser demons. This ability helps the martyr survive the extreme conditions of being in literal hell.

Martyr will meet other souls while exploring hell and learn that there is a way to escape it during their nightmarish journey. This will require them to meet the "Red Goddess" who is presumably the voice calling to the player in the trailer.

Madmind Studios to deliver terrifying hostile environments that will will apparently make the players tremble in their boots. I'm not buying any of it, as most of the demons seem to have voluptuous female bodies. This could serve as a great setup for a jump scare featuring saggy "assets" though.

Madmind Studio Two demons are being kinky while a third one is watching them. Agony - Nothing seems to be saggy here.

The statement also hints that players will be able to piece the martyr's memories back together by finding collectibles in the form of letters, notes, paintings and other such mementos.

Agony will also feature some sort of puzzles apparently, as the game will require the martyr to collect artefacts and use their power to travel between dimensions, as well as drawing out "secret patterns" on sacrificial stones with martyr's own blood.


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