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Madmind Studio had to make a compromise with censorship in Agony

Published: 08:26, 30 May 2018
Madmind Studio
Some weird but shredded demon is looking God knows where because I don't see any eyes around

Madmind Studio have had major issues getting their game Agony rated M in order to release it on different platforms. They originally planned to release a patch that removes censorship on PC, but it will not be possible apparently.

It's not all bad though, as Madmind Studio have come with a compromise in order to not to butcher the game too much with censorship. According to their statement on Steam, they managed to include into the game most of the controversial content they originally intended for the post-launch patch.

This new package has been accepted by PEGI and other rating companies meaning that the console players will get the same end product as the PC community. Agony's shock value will remain in tact, all scenes from the trailers and other promotional material will be in the game as well as a pile of other potentially disturbing content such as gore, brutal sex scenes, lesbian and gay sex scenes (huh?), genital physics, eye gouging, heart plucking, children heads exploding, setting fire to martyrs and demons, intense violence, strong language and drugs.

All of these features have somehow been approved, but it's weird to see "lesbian and gay sex scenes" in the same batch as "children heads exploding". Must be some mind blowing sex. Puns aside, Agony will feature seven different endings and two of them have apparently been disturbing enough that the same committee that greenlit children heads exploding can't allow them to be shown in good conscience. There are also some scenes unlocked after the game that will not make it through the rating process.

Parts of these two endings and the post-game scenes will be censored and due to legal issues, Madmind Studio will not be able to circumvent the censorship by introducing the Adult Only patch. They did note, however, that they will circumvent it by airing a comparison video on 30 May 2018, "so you will not miss out anything".

Players have been complaining for a while about potential reduction in disturbing material within Agony and it appears Madmind Studio are aware of this. They have asked the players to understand that not complying with the rules would only get the game banned and no one would get to play it in the end, as well as Madmind Studio being closed.

Madmind Studio A demon is approaching a burning area within hell. Agony

Bearing in mind the reviews that have started pouring in, Agony has little to offer other than its shock value, so the later may still come to pass.

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