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Agony patch will enable PC players to remove in-game censorship

Published: 10:43, 17 April 2018
PlayWay, Madmind
A titted succubus from Agony
Agony - Even Hell has its ups and downs, apparently.

Madmind Studio have pushed Agony release back once again, in order to censor certain stages for console versions due to age ratings in some parts of the world. PC players will be unaffected since they will get a patch to remove the changes.

Agony was supposed to release many times over already, but developers Madmind Studio kept pushing back the release until 30 March 2018. At this point, they did the unthinkable and pushed it back again. While we don't know how much they pushed it back, we know why they did so.

What the developers are doing is using this time to censor some violence and nudity so the game can be rated accordingly and released for consoles. PC players should find this interesting, as many backers might be afraid of their favourite horror game being demolished like this. 

PlayWay, Madmind Red Goddess from Agony Agony - Coming in way too close, bald lady.

PC version of the game will get a de-censorship patch which removes any console restrictions the devs are putting in the game in light of recent events. Consoles are a different story though. In order to be able to release Agony on consoles, Madmind would have to make it compliant to M rating or lower on ESRB.

Agony's current form warranted AO (Adult Only) rating which of being released on either Xbox One or Playstation 4. Therefore, the game's release was pushed back once more until Madmind apply the partial censorship. 

They have given Kickstarter backers who bought the console version an option to switch to a PC copy, so they don't get stuck with censored stages.

PlayWay, Madmind Gouging eyes out in Agony Agony - Just gotta get this last pimple and... Bob's your uncle.

Agony is a hell-themed horror full of fleshy spikes and demons that want to torture and put you back in your chains. The game's protagonist is called Martyr. This Martyr is different from the other ones because he can possess them and control their actions. 

The player will eventually get the ability to possess the very demons he is attempting to hide from. Possessing a demon will give Martyr specific abilities which will help him get out of hell.

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