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Mack arrives to Rogue Company with a new cinematic

Published: 12:53, 11 May 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Mack
Rogue Company - Mack

Rogue Company's latest addition is a law-obsessed Scotsman who is not afraid of jumping into the hornet's nest just to grab the one he's looking for.

Season Two of Rogue Company is launching with the latest Rogue, named Mack. He is a hunky character so keep in mind that he will also be a huge target but he's also resilient enough to take the punishment.

Toughen Up perk will provide him with 30 per cent damage reduction against melee, Bounce Back with more frequent health regeneration while Resupply will provide him with virtually unlimited gadgets. Overall, Mack has potent perks but Berserker seems like overkill since he also has access to Replenish. He also has Stalker, making him a great skirmisher, whether he's using the Conviction LMG or Objection SMG. 

Mack's passive provides him with 25 armour, which gets refreshed whenever he downs an enemy, offering even more longevity for the hulking Rogue. Lightbomb ability will planet a device that will flash everyone in a massive radius, provided it doesn't get destroyed before Mack activates it.

Objection boasts an extremely high rate of fire while Conviction has 50 bullets in the mag by default, meaning he is capable of adapting to either prolonged engagements or chaotic close-quarters hit and runs.

Mack is also arriving with a new map as well as a brand new battle pass, all of which are going live on May 11, 2021.

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