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Rogue Company gets Rambo crossover

Published: 11:44, 09 March 2022
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Rambo
Rogue Company - Rambo

Rambo has arrived to Rogue Company with the new season but there is a caveat as he's not actually a new character in the game.

Someone at Hi-Rez really loves Rambo as he is now appearing in Rogue Company after a stint in Paladins. Just like in the older arena shooter, Rambo is a skin for an existing character and in this case, we are talking about the bow-totting Rogue, Seeker.

The Rambo skin bundle contains alternate appearances for Sahara and Combat Knife, which will assume the looks of an AK-47 and Rambo's machete, respectively. The bundle will set you back 2,000 Rogue Bucks if you decide to buy it, so it's either shelling out money or quite the chunk of grinding.

Besides the cosmetics, this crossover will bring an event that is accessible to all the players as they attempt to complete contracts during matches, which will award Epic and Legendary rewards, including the Jungle Cobra wingsuit, a title and more.

Furthermore, Meltdown, Palace and Skyfell are all available in 6v6 Team Deathmatch now, bringing the total number of maps available in the mode to 13. 

With bigger squads come bigger risks of leavers and AFKers but the devs are keeping an eye on this issue as well. Player backfill feature has also gone live with the start of the season and is currently in the experimental phase. 

Hopefully, it will even the odds for teams that find themselves at a number disadvantage.

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