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Todd Howard's work on Indiana Jones will not affect TES6 or Starfield, Hines says

Published: 14:28, 13 January 2021
Bethesda's Todd Howard photoshopped onto a Morrowind harpy

Bethesda's marketing vice president Pete Hines reassured the fans that Todd Howard's work on the new Indiana Jones game will not affect The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield.

As you probably already know, Bethesda announced the Indiana Jones game last night. The development is handled by Machine Games, the team behind Wolfenstein games, but the executive producer is Howard. 

This made a few fans a bit concerned about what this means for The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, which are also directed by Howard and are easily the most highly anticipated Bethesda titles at the moment. 

Hines insists there's no reason to worry, though. "Todd is currently EP on many BGS and other projects, such as the Fallout TV show. His main focus remains Directing the upcoming Starfield and TES6 games, which aren't affected by today's news", he wrote on Twitter.

While we're inclined to believe Hines, we still hope nothing detracts from The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, and we're fairly certain both him and Howard are aware how important they are for the future of the studio. 

Ironically, Fallout 76's launch may turn out to be a good thing here, as even Howard conceded that releasing the game in such a state "let a lot of people down". We can only hope that these lessons have been learned and that Bethesda are never going down that road again. 

After all, The Elder Scrolls is one of the longest-running video game franchises with a passionate, nay fanatical fanbase, and we fear that dropping the ball on TES6 would make the Fallout 76 launch backlash look tame in comparison. Heck, it'd be better if Bethesda got a visit from a dragon. 

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