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Lost Ark Youtuber SwoleBenji getting hate on Reddit for his gameplay

Published: 07:05, 22 March 2022
Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Discussing various streamers and Youtubers of a certain game is nothing new on the Reddit platform. Unfortunately, neither is starting a witch hunt, which can hardly be called a deserved thing.

Just yesterday a post surfaced on Reddit, speaking of the behavior of a streamer and youtube going by the name SwoleBenji in-game. It accused the player of griefing their Abyssal Dungeon, by standing still with no armor on.

The creator of the post intended it not to be the start of a witch hunt, as per their words, ut to raise awareness, especially after said streamer tried to use their stats as an Amazon Partner, to avoid getting reported.

This sparked an enormous discussion regarding griefing in the game, with a lot of Redditors moving over to SwoleBenji's channel, to try and confirm the truth for themselves, and not doing so in a very pleasant way.

To his credit, the streamer in question did not try to hide his actions, stating that it's just a game, and those getting upset over it need to grow up, as well as admitting to his AFK status.

Amazon Lost Ark - Vykas Lost Ark - Vykas

Abyssal Dungeons, by and large, are a piece of Lost Ark content that is difficult to complete, and having one person less on a  team, makes it even harder to do so.

Add in the fact that, on his stream, the streamer is queuing up with six of his characters at the same time, even avoiding him in the game becomes an issue. The question is, is this worth harassing a person over? SwoleBenji doesn't seem to mind, and even likes the attention it's getting to his channel, so there's at least something positive to be taken from this situation.

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