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Lost Ark Western version will be censored but it will keep Eastern monetisation

Published: 04:16, 29 November 2021
Lost artk aniboo female character with wings on a meadow
Lost Ark

Some Lost Ark characters might end up less revealed in the Western version of the game and others will have a different race but the monetisation will most likely end up predatory.

Lost Ark has managed to garner fans in Europe and North America even before the game managed to be released in those regions but the aforementioned fans might end up disappointed in the product they will eventually get.

Namely, the recent beta testing revealed some of the changes Amazon Game Studios have prepared for the Western audience and they are already controversial. Alterations to the starter armour, for example, will not sit well with those who wanted characters in revealing clothing. While more cleavage or displays of other assets are to the taste of some fans, others will likely be glad to have the altered armour that actually looks like it could protect a body part or two.

Another change related to characters is that many NPCs will have different skin colours, which is a bit odd since Lost Ark wasn't devoid of characters of colour in the first place.

Furthermore, the beta didn't feature the last tier of affection you can have with some characters, the one where the romantic encounter happens and provides a nude cutscene.

All of these changes appear to be either about the company claiming to be progressive or reducing the game's rating to include a wider demographic, such as children.

This is where the really bad part kicks in, as the game will still feature pay to win mechanics, the ones that push people into spending hard. While P2W elements will be present in the form of "time savers", AGS did note they are looking to change monetisation enough to be distinctive from the eastern version.

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