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Lost Ark - Vykas Legion Raid Offers Both Relic and Legendary Items

Published: 23:51, 30 June 2022
Lost Ark - Vykas
Lost Ark - Vykas

The experience of clearing a raid, especially a legion one, is all well and good. But we all know why we are really there. That would be the loot and gear to craft from it.

The Relic Quality gear sets available at Legion Commander Gear Crafting NPCs require materials from both the Valtan and Vykas Legion Raids to craft a complete set. The Vykas Legion Raid introduces two new items that can be crafted into gear, which are:

  • Covetous Fangs for Legendary gear, 
  • Covetous Wings for Relic gear.

Players able to vanquish the three gates in the Vykas Legion Raid will be rewarded at each stage with increasingly desirable loot, matching the difficulty of those battles. Clearing each gate will grant Gold, Covetous Fangs and Wings, Relic Accessories and honing materials.

The final gate can include additional special items, such as Engraving Recipes, Card Packs, and Honing Books. Additionally, after successfully clearing each gate, a bonus chest can be purchased with some of the Gold just earned, giving additional Gear-crafting and Honing materials, Accessories, and Ability Stones.

Amazon Lost Ark - Vykas Lost Ark - Vykas


The final gate of the Legion Raid will also kick off a loot auction when completed, allowing players to bid on a bonus Gear-crafting Material Chest, Engravings, Honing Books, and more.

Players can participate in Legion Raids after completing the guide quest ‘[Guide] Notice: Legion Raid’. Vykas is an eight-player Legion raid, has 3 gates, and is complete with a swathe of new unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. Players will need to be Item Level 1430 to attempt Normal difficulty, and 1460 for Hard. 

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