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Lost Ark - Valtan Legion Raid is Getting an Inferno Difficulty in July

Published: 02:12, 02 June 2022
Lost Ark - Valtan
Lost Ark - Valtan

As if Valtan hasn't been hard enough, and led some overzealous players to their deaths, now Amazon are adding another difficulty level, with more prizes to Arkesia's first Western Legion Raid.

It hasn't been a long time since the Valtan Legion Raid has been added to Lost Ark. Now, Amazon are upping the ante, by planning to add the Inferno difficulty to the Raid in July, with the July update.

The most difficult version of Legion Raids, the Inferno difficulty is all about proving you’re the among the best of the best in Arkesia and earning prestige. Rather than chasing the normal rewards of gear, materials, and everything else you’d receive in a Legion Raid, Inferno rewards instead showcase your victory with titles, achievements, Stronghold structures, and more!

A new in-game vendor will be added for players to access a variety of prestigious rewards, earned after various numbers of clears.

Lost Ark - Kungelanium Lost Ark - Kungelanium

There are a few key differences between Normal/Hard and Inferno difficulties:

  • ‘Scale of Balance’ is applied, and the raid requires the use of the Book of Coordination, so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent.
  • The gate progression system will not be active - you can’t make it halfway and come back later in the week.
  • Inferno mode will not count against your weekly attempt limit for Legion Raids, so you can play Valtan on Normal/Hard and Inferno in the same week, and try Inferno as many times as you’d like.

Valtan Inferno difficulty will require item level 1445 for players to participate. If you've managed to grind it out so much that the Legion Raid has become boring or not worth the effort or expect that to happen by July, here is an opportunity and a challenge for you!

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