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Lost Ark - Pet awarded from Prime Gaming Loot has only One Ability

Published: 07:04, 09 March 2022
Updated: 07:08, 09 March 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark - Prime Gaming Rewards
Lost Ark - Prime Gaming Rewards

Rewards from Amazon's Prime gaming are always welcome, in any game. Lost Ark is no different. However, players have noticed that the pet award only has one ability, compared to the usual two.

The newest reward from the Prime Gaming Loot, for the month of March included:

  • Small Amethyst Shard,
  • Crystalline Aura for 5 days,
  • Egg Pet Selection Chest.

Out of these, the Amethyst shard chest gives players five hundred Amethyst shards, while the Egg Pet Selection Chest offers players three choices of pets, to their liking:

  • Bouncy - Pink Egg,
  • Chuchu - Blue Egg,
  • Bonbon - Yellow Egg.

No matter which of the three Pets players choose, however, each has only one Ability, compared to the usual two abilities that other pets have. These Lost Ark pets having only one ability is not a bug, but an intended feature.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Mango Chamkuri mount Lost Ark

Quite a lot of players are wondering why this might be the case, arguing for the fact that the rewards are useless, and will be discarded in favor of more useful pets. However, that is only for the North America and Europe servers.

On the Korean servers, player strongholds can gain access to a pet ranch that allows you to make use of your additional pets, especially the ones such as these. Players can have up to four pets working in their ranches, creating cookies over time, which can later be redeemed at a vendor to either upgrade your favorite pets or even get new ones.

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