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Lost Ark - New Consumable Yoz's Jar Allows Players to Change Skins

Published: 00:04, 03 June 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark - Noble Banquet Skins
Lost Ark - Noble Banquet Skins

The new consumable arriving with the June update will raise the quality of life in the game immensely. Not only is its primary function useful, but even the secondary one shows incredible potential.

Yoz’s Jar is a new consumable arriving in the in-game store that will introduce a variety of Epic and Legendary skins. If you have a skin you don’t like or wear anymore, or maybe one from Yoz’s Jar you’re not a fan of you can break it down for “Cloth”, which can be used with a Jar to roll a new skin from a determined list.

This new cosmetic system will also give a chance to acquire Legendary skins, which provide better benefits than Epic skins. Players who like an older skin more than the looks of their new Legendary one with bigger bonuses should have no worries, as you can ‘Overlay’ the skin you like over the Legendary skin!

Amazon Game Studios Lost Ark- Graceful Monkey Glaivier Skin Lost Ark- Graceful Monkey Glaivier Skin


This system is still prone to some changes regarding its details, however, the fact that you can overlay the skin look makes us extremely optimistic for the future. the game has already had some issues with different-looking content compared to the Korean servers, with the different Shadowhunter models, which raised issues. Giving players the option to choose makes life easier for everyone all around.

Hopefully, this trend continues on with future updates as well, and is not just a one-time thing.

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