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Ashes of Creation dev update reveals tank abilities

Published: 01:22, 31 January 2023
Intrepid Studios
Ashes of Creation - Sword and board life
Ashes of Creation - Sword and board life

Intrepid Studios came up with another showcase that made the fans happy and this time around it was the tanks who were the show's highlights.

Of all the video games currently in development that were cursed with incredibly long development cycles, Ashes of Creation is the one that keeps showing constant progress and gives fans more confidence every time a dev stream happens.

In the latest one, Intrepid Studios presented the tanks, who will be the meat shields that protect their teammates.

While the role can be played with the regular shield and sword setup, there is also the choice of going with a greatsword, although there are some strings attached.

During the stream, Intrepid showed six abilities that the tanks can use:

  1. Shield Assault - Dashes up to seven metres to strike an enemy with the shield, causing the shaken condition and grabbing a large amount of threat. If the enemy is already shaken, they will be stunned instead. It is only usable with a shield but was shown used with greatsword due to dev powers. Won't be like that for the public
  2. Inciting Strikes - Slash twice in a cone in front of you to deal damage and generate additional threat
  3. Tremoring Bellow - Deal damage in a cone and stagger enemies. Snared enemies will be knocked down
  4. Grit - Activate to reduce incoming damage but also your movement speed and outgoing damage. It conesumes Courage stacks to reduce incoming damage further
  5. Aegis - Removes status effects from the tank and projects a protective barrier to the allies behind them. Half of any damage taken by allies in its range is transferred to the tank
  6. Grapple - Pull a target to the tank and cause tapering snare on it

As you can see, the tanks can use synergy with teammates to get the most out of their kit or even combo things like Grapple and Tremoring Bellow on their own.

That said, all the abilities shown in the gameplay portion of the video are those that are obtained at lower level and aren't properly modified yet. In other words, you have only seen the basics - the best is yet to come.


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