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LoL eSports - Bjergsen Officially Leaves Team Liquid

Published: 06:35, 12 November 2022
Team Liquid
team Liquid - Bjergsen did not last long
team Liquid - Bjergsen did not last long

Rumors have been flying around for quite some time now, about Bjergsen's status as a free agent, and now it seems that the rumors have been confirmed, as far as him parting with Team Liquid is concerned.

It seems that the bubble of well-known League of Legends pros is bursting, and Bjergsen is the first in line to feel that. Is this the consequence of Riot Games focusing on the VALORANT esports scene, or just some simple money problems?

While we would all like to blame Riot Games it's likely to be the former. After all, Team Liquid CEO has already announced  that the upcoming team will be founded on different ideals.

Both Team Liquid and Bjergsen have turned to Twitter, to confirm his departure from the team:

"Parting ways with @TeamLiquidLoL. Appreciate the TL fans for being so welcoming and supportive throughout my stay with the team".

Team Liquid Screenshot of the Team Liquid logo on a blue background. What's new for Team Liquid though?

The Danish mid-laner has been part of Team Liquid for eight years now and is one of the iconic parts of the team, and a great focus of fans' love. With his departure, it feels like an era is coming to an end.

He does seem to have something in plan though, if his Tweet is to be believed, saying that he can't wait to show us what is coming next.

Hopefully, it's not just empty platitudes, seeing as he can't even figure out how to change his Twitter name, by his own admission, much less navigate the sprawling world of LoL esports, after spending eight years in the Team Liquid comfort zone.


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