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League of Legends - Why Star Guardians is a Failed Event

Published: 23:18, 05 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Star Guardian Rakan and Xayah
League of Legends - Star Guardian Rakan and Xayah were the better storyline, that Wild Rift got to experience

Has the Star Guardian event gone down the road of Sentinels of Light, or have Riot managed to remedy their disastrous event from last year? Fans seem to lean towards the former.

The last League of Legends event that Riot Games managed to make right, and that drew the attention of all fans was the Spirit Blossom event. It has everything, a good story, interesting interactive elements, an incredible skin line, and an in-client visual novel.

However, the most hyped event in the last few seasons, the Sentinels of Light that were supposed to stop Viego's Ruination, was an incredible flop in season 11. Thus, Riot Games swore that they will do better, and do their fans proud with the next event.

Have they really, though? It seems they have tried to fall upon a tried method, and recreate the magic of Spirit Blossom, but managed to make a far inferior version of the event, which seems like a cheap copy.

In addition, they have also disregarded the fan requests for a return of the PvE game modes, as, during Phase 2 of the Star Guardian skins, Riot released a huge Star Guardian event with a unique PvE game mode in which you played as a Star Guardian fighting against Vel'Koz.

Riot Games Splash art for Akali, after her rework by Riot Games League of Legends - Couldn't even get Akali's new voice lines correctly

This time, not only was there no PvE game mode to be had but there was no unique game mode, period. Furthermore, the grind to gain everything from the event is even worse than in the previous year, despite Riot promising that Battle Passes will be improved upon, earlier this year.

All in all, the Star Guardian event is a prime example of Riot disregarding its fans, especially the PC players, as Wild Rift did have some redeeming qualities in their own version of the event.

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