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League of Legends Seraphine Ult Was Going to be Different Originally

Published: 22:28, 08 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Seraphine splash art
We always liked Pentakill more anyway

Remember all the fuss and force-feeding Riot did to the community when Seraphine was supposed to come out? Well, it turns out, that this champ is not even her first look.

At the time of her release, and perhaps even today, Seraphine became the most hated champion Riot Games ever placed in League of Legends , for all time.

We are unsure if it was the forced social media personas they had crafted for the champion, the fact that it was years since a monstrous champion and yet an e-girl showed up, or the fact that she didn't fit into the game at all, thematically, the fact is, she was hated.

Now we learn that even her kit, which players described as Sona 2.0, and said should have just been a Sona rework, was not supposed to be the same. Namely, her ultimate.

As it appears, Seraphine's ultimate, according to a Lead LoL developer, was supposed to implement a new mechanic into League of Legends, called "dazzle", as he revealed in his stream. While channeling her ability, with its animation having Seraphine sing on stage, she would dazzle a champion and be able to make it attack its allies.

Twitter A picture from a Twitter account called Seraphin Riot making a champ that is "not like the other girls"

Apparently, this mechanic was later reused with the release of the latest League of Legends support champion, Renata Glasc, who now makes all affected enemies enraged and attack their own allies.

All we can say, though, is had Seraphine been released with this ultimate, it would have just made her even more overpowered, and the community would hate her all the more for it.

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