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League of Legends - Udyr Rework Pandering to Chinese Players Fans Say

Published: 01:40, 07 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - The Udyr we got
League of Legends - The Udyr we got

It's no secret that the largest concentration of League of Legends players is found in China. However, does everything need to be made according to their market?

The League of Legends Udyr rework has been in the works for a year now, and the dev talks Riot Games gave out have made it look extremely promising.

However, upon seeing his in-game footage, from the recent trailer , fans are complaining that Udyr's in-game model does not look as promised while he was in development.

Instead of the rugged, hairy, denizen of the woods, it seems we will get someone that looks like someone that came fresh out of the womb, one Reddit user complained on a post that started a thread of discussion.

To make matters worse, this incident has only made players comb through the League of Legends database, and they have found that no champion, whose fantasy is being a burly and rugged man, looks that way anymore. And this is just days after Riot Games talked about the necessity of keeping to the champion fantasy when they revealed the fighters in project L.

Riot Games League of Legends - New Udyr look League of Legends - The Udyr we were promised

The list includes champions such as Gangplank, and Graves, whose body hair and any markings have been scrubbed from their models, in what players describe as following the Chinese cultural preferences and disregarding the champion fantasy, as well as the likes of the rest of the player base.

For those that, like us, liked the recent trailer, but couldn't put your finger on what was feeling off about the whole thing, here is your answer, Udyr as we knew him, and as he was supposed to be, won't be found in the game.

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