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League of Legends: Riot is changing Farsight Alteration and Oracle Lens

Published: 20:16, 17 May 2023
Riot Games
Farsight Alteration is getting some interesting changes in the upcoming patch
Farsight Alteration is getting some interesting changes in the upcoming patch

Patch 13.10 in League of Legends will introduce significant item changes that will have a profound impact on the game, requiring players to adjust and adapt to the new dynamics.

In the upcoming patch, League of Legends will undergo significant alterations to various aspects of the game. In these changes, Riot included adjustments to minion behavior, a reduction in the Unleashed Teleport timer, and a revamp of the Trinket system. 

As a result, players will face the challenge of adapting to these modifications and understanding the new dynamics introduced in the game. 

The official patch notes reveal adjustments to two Trinkets in League of Legends: the Farsight Alteration (Blue Trinket) and Oracle Lens (Red Trinket). Here are the specific modifications for each Trinket.

Oracle Lens

Oracle Lens will now have charges. This means that the entire team will have improved visibility to detect and eliminate enemy wards. 

However, the overall duration of the Oracle Lens will be reduced, and the time required to recharge the charges will be considerably longer.  

  • If the owner of the Oracle Lens hits a ward, the entire team will get 2 seconds of vision to clear out the ward
  • Oracle Lens will now have 2 charges
  • Charge Recharge Timer: 160 – 100 seconds (based on level)
  • Duration: 10 seconds > 6 seconds

Riot Games Oracle Lens helps players reveal and destroy wards Oracle Lens helps players reveal and destroy wards

Farsight Alteration

The Blue Trinket is receiving intriguing modifications that will alter its functionality in League of Legends. Notably, it will now provide vision over terrain and trigger a ping on enemy champions when it reveals them. 

Additionally, the trinket's vision range will experience a substantial increase and subsequently result in an explosive effect after a brief period. Here are the complete details of the changes.

  • Farsight Alternation will now reveal 500 units over walls and terrain.
  • It will now ping enemy champions if revealed by Farsight Alteration.
  • If an enemy champion is detected, the vision range will increase to 800 units from 500 units and then explode shortly.


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