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League of Legends: Upcoming turret changes in Patch 13.10

Published: 19:01, 15 May 2023
Riot Games
Major turret changes are coming with Patch 13.10!
Major turret changes are coming with Patch 13.10!

Patch 13.10, set to launch on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, will bring forth the anticipated turret modifications to the live servers.

Riot Games has just unveiled significant alterations to the turrets in Patch 13.10 . League of Legends, a game that constantly evolves under Riot's guidance, undergoes regular adjustments every two weeks, with small-scale modifications being the norm. 

However, the game experiences major updates twice a year, during the preseason and mid-season. This year, the bulk of changes was expected during the preseason but has now been shifted to the mid-season update, Patch 13.10. 

This upcoming update, set to arrive with a plethora of adjustments, includes reworks and tweaks to numerous in-game items, as well as corresponding changes to affected champions. Furthermore, new items will also be introduced to enhance the gameplay experience.

Turret changes

The inclusion of turret plating introduced a significant issue in the game, enabling teams to rapidly accumulate gold and snowball their advantage. Taking advantage of Rift Herald, teams could swiftly overpower their opponents by amassing Turret Plating gold and swiftly demolishing enemy turrets.  

  • Plate Rushdown Resistances up (20s after taking a plate): 0-180 (based on the number of champions) > 45-225 (based on the number of champions)

Despite Riot's initial attempt to address the issue through Plate Rushdown Resistances, it became apparent that the provided resistances were inadequate. Teams could still effortlessly overwhelm turrets without much resistance. 

In response, Riot is implementing a substantial increase of 45 flat resistances to turrets in this mid-season update. This notable enhancement in resistance aims to make the task of swiftly taking down turrets considerably more challenging, ultimately impeding the ease of snowballing in the game.  


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