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League of Legends - Ahri ASU Update Details Revealed

Published: 23:54, 27 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Arcade Ahri will be one of the few Ahri skins to retain the 2D charm model
League of Legends - Arcade Ahri will be one of the few Ahri skins to retain the 2D charm model

Riot Games are continuing their tradition of refreshing an older champion and giving it new life. Amumu was the most famous example, now it's time for Ahri.

Whenever a League of Legends  champion gets too old when compared to the modern standards, Riot Games give them a mini rework. in Ahri's case, she only needs a visual one.

In the case of Ahri, a champion that sells a lot of skins, we could've expected Riot Games to say that an ASU is primarily focused on sustainability , aka making it easier to develop skins.

In the case of Ahri specifically, she was the second ASU project for the Senior Narrative Writer, and her process of work was as follows:

  • Researching the champion by digging into existing content.
  • Understanding what players love about that character—what is the power fantasy for this character?
  • Creating a comprehensive story guide that breaks down the character's personality pillars, backstory, goals, beliefs, and relationships.
  • Writing the final voiceover script.

League of Legends - Ahri League of Legends - Ahri tails are impossible to bypass

After some discussion, one of the decisions reached was having the new Ahri ASU portray her post-Ruination. After seeing her grow so much over the course of the game, it felt like a loss to revert her back to who she was before: Someone running from the pain of her past rather than moving forward with her chin held high.

The most noticeable difference we will notice on Ahri, though, will be her tail, which is the most important part of her champion silhouette, as well as having the charm be a recognizable ability on all skins.

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