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League of Legends - Players Unhappy With the Voting System

Published: 09:17, 19 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Mountain Drake
League of Legends - Mountain Drake

Imagine you're in a 1v1 fight in your lane, and all of a sudden, a voting pop up on your screen distracts you from making the optimal play and dying, for an objective on the other side of the map.

yPinging in League of Legends is the main mode of a productive conversation. However, the system Riot Games currently have implemented is not as expansive as it needs to be, so new options are being put in.

The need for this is an obvious one, as the current four pings are used almost exclusively in other, likely toxic ways , and not in the way the developers intended them to be.

However, it seems that Riot Games have gone a bit overboard this time, as players are more likely to igonre the voting system when it pops up, than anything else.

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This is due to the clutter it creates on the screen, in a game that gets as heated as League of Legends often does.

Furthermore, it seems that players are, even when the team votes in thw way Riot indended them to, ignoring the results of said vote, and are instead doing what they think is best. Often to disastrous consequences.

Now, it reamins to be seen if tis is something we will get used to, as we did with the alcove on side lanes, or if it will be similar to the old Chemtech drake, that didn't last even half a season.


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