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League of Legends might get national team tournaments in the future

Published: 13:29, 17 November 2022
Riot Games
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Esports side of League of Legends might go through a major evolution step in the future, with national team competitions becoming a thing.

League of Legends is already enjoying massive esports fame, thanks to a huge competitive scene with roots that are over a decade old but it appears Riot Games are looking to make the next big step in bringing the game to attention all over the world.

With World Championship behind us, one would expect a draught in announcements, except for transfers, but Nicolo Laurent, the CEO of Riot Games, recently spoke with  L'Equipe , where he stated the company is actively working on bringing new a competition to the ecosystem.

This time around, it would be based on national teams as opposed to having organisations that keep signing and developing talent.

Not too many details were revealed but the national teams would probably work the same way they do in traditional sports - a coach picks a selection of distinguished individuals from the nation, with hopes that they meld well.

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Naturally, there is concern that China and Korea would just sweep everything in their paths at a national world championship but there is a bit of hype for more localised competitions, such as a European or American Championship.

Meanwhile, Asian countries are already enjoying something in this format as the Asian games 2018 featured a LoL tournament where China took the first place, with Korea in second and Taiwan in third.


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