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League of Legends - Can You Get Banned For Using Third-Party Apps

Published: 10:40, 22 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Playing as a casket, throwing Gragas around is worth the possible ban
League of Legends - Playing as a casket, throwing Gragas around is worth the possible ban

People always ask themselves whether they will be banned for using third-party applications in League of Legends or not. well, the answer is, that it depends on the application.

If you've watched a single League of Legends video on YouTube, you've been bombarded with third-party applications that help you play League of Legends. But what is Riot Games ' stance on these?

Riot Games' policy toward these sorts of programs is quite straightforward. If it ruins the in-game experience by giving players an advantage of any kind, that they couldn't get otherwise, then they are a bannable offense.

"We don’t like applications that provide measurable player advantage", say Riot. "We’d like to set fair expectations by calling out some features that definitely aren’t okay. Some examples of measurable player advantage:"

  • Exposing information that’s intentionally obfuscated (cooldowns or timers)
  • Taking actions on your behalf (botting or scripting)
  • Drawing conclusions for you (predicting enemy positions)
  • Altering your field of intelligence (zoom hacks or global ult alerts)

Riot Games League of Legends - Diana League of Legends - Tank Diana feels like a cheat on her own

Luckily for most League of Legends players, apps such as and Porofessor are both third-party applications approved by Riot, so they are not a bannable offense.

When it comes to in-game custom skins, Riot Games consider them a "use-at-your-own-risk" category. Should they find that you're gaining an advantage with these, or that you're misappropriating Riot's assets, then they fall under a bannable offense as well.

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