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League of Legends 2023: Skarner VGU Concept Art Update

Published: 18:17, 12 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Skarner
League of Legends Skarner

The game's success may be linked to its progression and originality. Riot Games continuously updates the game and changes the meta to keep it interesting.

Riot  modified a number of champions in 2022, including the entire Udyr reworks  as well as various mini-reworks for Zeri, Ahri, Dr. Mundo, and Tahm Kench. The Jax mini rework was previously released this year. We also learned about the Aurelion Sol remake, however, the Skarner VGU was one of the reworks for which we had no information.

The Skarner remake has been in development for about a year. Riot conducted a poll in February 2022 to choose the next revamp, and Skarner won by a landslide. Skarner defeated Shyvana, Kog'Maw, Tryndamere, and Nocturne to become the next champion in 2023. 

Apart from the fact that it was on Riot's rework list, Riot didn't reveal anything about the rework. However, Riot just provided some details on the Skarner VGU and two new League of Legends champions, Milio and Naafiri, in Season 2023.

According to Riot’s champion product manager Lexi Gao “The Skarner VGU team has started exploring ways to dial up his scorpion fantasy.” She also mentioned, “At this phase, we’re leaving no arthropod-hiding stone unturned to find exciting themes, kits, and stories.”  

Riot Games provided us with some early access to the Skarner VGU update concept art. Here is a gallery with some concept art pictures for the upcoming Skarner VGU update:

Skarner VGU Concept Art Update

  • Image: 1 / 3
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Skarner - Concept 1

Riot updates the game in several ways, including reworks. The reworks are a process of updating ancient champions and giving them new vitality.

The Skarner VGU's release date has not yet been confirmed, however, Riot has stated that additional information will be available on their Dev Blog later this year.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Lunar Empress Ashe

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Foxfire Ahri

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