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League of Legends: Kayle Rework - Ultimate changes, release date and more

Published: 20:36, 02 February 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Kayle
League of Legends Kayle

League of Legends Kayle will be getting a mini-rework in Season 13, Riot Games' lead designers have confirmed.

Kayle was first introduced to League of Legends in 2009, but was not well-received by players. To improve her popularity, Riot Games  gave her a full VGU in early 2019. This update made Kayle a powerful late-game hyper-carry and increased her versatility, as she can build both AD and AP or go hybrid.

Despite the VGU's success, Kayle is still not a popular pick in solo queue. This is because she is weak early in the game and requires a long game to reach her power spike. However, games often end before she gets to her full potential, and her abilities are not suited for the early game.

In summary, Kayle was not well-received when she was first released, but received a successful VGU in 2019 to improve her popularity. Despite the improvements, she is still not a popular pick in solo queue due to her early game weaknesses and the need for a long game to reach her full potential.

Kayle Ultimate Changes

The lead champion designer of League of Legends, Riot August, recently revealed a new change for Kayle on Twitter. In this update, Kayle will be able to use her auto attacks while in her ult state. Her ultimate, Divine Judgment, grants invulnerability to herself or an ally for a short period of time, but after that, Kayle deals magic damage that scales with both AP and AD.

This change will make Kayle much more powerful once she has unlocked her ultimate. At level 16, she can safely dive into enemy territory with minimal risk and be a stronger presence in the game.

Riot August confirmed that the changes to Kayle's ultimate will be implemented after testing showed positive results. However, the process will take some time as new visual effects (VFX), sound effects (SFX), and animations must be created to accompany the change. 

This includes creating new SFX and VFX for each of her skins. As a result, players will have to wait a few months before seeing the updated version of Kayle on the live servers.



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