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League of Legends - All LGBTQ Champions in the Game

Published: 06:45, 18 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - K'Sante's Cinematic had a different meaning in Russia
League of Legends - K'Sante's Cinematic had a different meaning in Russia

Inclusivity is something Riot Games have been working hard on in recent years, and K'Sante is another champion who will have players feel as if League is their home. But which are the existing ones?

K'Sante's voice actor, DeObia Oparei, revealed that K'Sante would be the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior in League of Legends . It was something Riot Games have been hinting at, but has only now been confirmed.

Now, while the statement of K'Sante being the first black LGBTQ champion in the game is in question, as Rell is a biracial bisexual and, contrary to popular belief, still exists in the game, there are far more pressing matters to discuss instead, such as his identity being avoided in Russia .

It has, however, brought us to the question of which champions in League of Legends are LGBTQ. Let's find out!

Riot Games League of Legends - K'Sante leaving to go on a hunt League of Legends - K'Sante, the "Pride" of Nazumah

Currently these are the LGBTQ champions in League of Legends, or those whose LGBTQ identity has been hinted at by RIot Games:

  • Caitlyn (Gay) – Speculation
  • Diana (Gay) – Confirmed
  • Leona (Gay) – Confirmed
  • Graves (Gay) – Confirmed
  • Nami (Bisexual) – Confirmed
  • Neeko (Gay) – Confirmed
  • Rell (Bisexual) – Speculation
  • Taliyah (Transgender) – Somewhat confirmed
  • Twisted Fate (Bisexual) – Confirmed
  • Varus (Gay) – Speculation
  • Vi (Gay) – Speculation
  • K'Sante (Gay or bi) – Confirmed

As you can see, most of these champions have their sexuality still unconfirmed. Is it because Riot Games are too afraid to set their champions' lore in stone, and want to be able to change it at a whim?

Or is it because actually saying that established champions are gay would hurt their business in some countries?

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