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Kojima sheds more light on Death Stranding but only a bit

Published: 06:14, 02 June 2019
Death Stranding screenshot showing a man lying in bed
Death Stranding screenshot showing a man lying in bed
Death Stranding

There are only two types of people - those who still have no clue what Death Stranding's all about, even in spite of the 9 nine-minute trailer, and those who lie. Hideo Kojima is slowly opening that door though so we should know more soon.

Unfortunately, it's not about Death Stranding's gameplay, but rather the cosmetic part of the game and some behind the scenes tweaks that Metal Gear messiah ended up doing.

"Cap and sunglasses can be worn at anytime you want as an equipment in the game. Like my other games, all the cutscenes are played in real-time rendering so if you're wearing sunglasses in the game play, it will carry on to the cutscene", he wrote. 

Kojima also mentioned that cosmetics will carry over only when not "inappropriate", but we're not sure what exactly constitutes inappropriate. 

In another tweet, Kojima revealed how he tweaked the character of Mads Mikkelsen, after witnessing his smoking breaks. 

"Cliff played by Mads in the new DS trailer is a heavy smoker. When I first wrote the script, Cliff wasn't a smoker but I changed his character setting after seeing him smoke during the break of filming", he wrote.

Kojima spoke earlier how working with actors has been an absolute delight, as they all added something special to their characters, and for what it's worth - acting-oriented parts of the were quite amazing.

The gameplay parts are a bit scattered and confusing, which we somehow don't find surprising, and we'll have to wait until there's more to go by before we weigh in.

From the descriptions on the Death Stranding website, we know that death doesn't kill you, but takes you to the upside-down realm, from where you'll be looking to find your way back. 

Sony Death Stranding
Death Stranding

There will obviously be a lot of travelling across Death Stranding's landscape, with and without vehicles, and so-called asynchronous multiplayer. This means you can send others gifts and show them safehouses, but not really play with them directly.

You can find the tweets in question on Kojima's Twitter feed .

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Death Stranding

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