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Kholat dev wants to meet game's single Nepalese fan

Published: 07:12, 11 April 2019
Kholat's search for one Nepalese player
Kholat, the search for that one Nepalese player

IMGN.PRO, the team behind the terrifyingly beautiful adventure Kholat have found that out of 3.5 million players, only one bought the game in Nepal. So, they're giving him/her a lifetime of free games and want to travel there to meet up.

"Recently we did a summary of Kholat life cycle since its launch in 2015, and we’re excited to announce that more than 3,5 million people now own the game on PC and consoles all together", the developer wrote on Steam.

There's also the added importance of Kholat being their debut title that helped make a name for IMGN.PRO, which made the team doubly as appreciative of what they found.

"While we were digging the numbers one peculiar fact drew our attention – there was a country where Kholat sold one single unit on Steam – Nepal. We couldn't help ourselves but wonder who is that person", IMGN.PRO said.

Now, if you happen to be that person, you should know that IMGN.PRO are planning to reward you with a lifetime of free games from the studio, which includes all past, present and future games published on Steam.

The studio is apparently planning to make a trip to Nepal too, to meet this person, which definitely isn't something you hear every day. 

IMGN.PRO are quite serious in their intentions and have asked the community to help in sharing this information so that their single Nepalese fan is found as soon as possible.

As for the game itself, Kholat is one heck of a debut game and you'll probably get different descriptions from different people, but anywhere between an adventure, horror and walking simulator will do well to describe the game. 

Kholat is based on the real world events of the Dyatlov Pass incident back in 1959, when a group of nine ski hikers was found dead in the northern Ural Mountains, after having fled their tent barely clothed and presumably terrified of something. 

IMGN.PRO Burning forest, screenshot from Kholat Kholat

The story itself packs quite a punch and IMGN.PRO did a good job too. So good, in fact, they've got fans in Nepal.

You can find more info in IMGN.PRO's announcment

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