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Keanu Reeves thinks video games don't need legitimising

Published: 15:12, 14 June 2019
Updated: 15:13, 14 June 2019
photo showing keanu reeves at e3 2019 stage
Keanu Reeves at E3 2019

In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, Keanu Reeves talked about his role in CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 and the connection between games and Hollywood. He praised video games and said that they don't need endorsements from celebrities.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen a fair share of Keanu Reeves news over the last couple of days. The Matrix star appeared on Xbox's E3 2019 stage to talk about highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, in which, he will play one of the main characters.

In his latest interview with BBC Newsbeat, Keanu talked about his appearance in the game and also touched upon his views on the video games industry as well as some technologies that games perfected over the years.

When asked about the reaction of his fellow celebrities to the news that he will be in a video game, Reeves said that he couldn't talk about Cyberpunk 2077 but now, the overall reaction has been quite positive.

Furthermore, Reeves was asked if having Hollywood stars like himself can help legitimise video games as a form of entertainment. He said that games don't need legitimising at all. "If anything, I'd say it's gone the other way. It's more of the influence gaming's had on... let's call it Hollywood," Keanu explained.

Reeves thinks that gaming has been right up there with Hollywood for quite some time now and he even mentioned Marlon Brando and one of his quotes about image capture and performance. "I think these technologies have been talking to each other, I remember Marlon Brando saying 'Ok, now they can just digitise how I am, my look and do another performance, I don't need to be there,'" Reeves said.

He claims that video games definitely helped Hollywood with motion capture and he's not wrong really. A lot of big development studios regularly use these types of technologies for various animations and it's becoming a much bigger thing every year.

CD Projekt Red Picture of Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 - Johnny Silverhand

All in all, it's always nice to see when celebrities that are not necessarily gamers acknowledge the biggest entertainment industry as legit and as something that is constantly pushing boundaries and innovating. And just when you thought that Keanu couldn't be more likeable.

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