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Keanu Reeves is actually canon in Cyberpunk 2077

Published: 18:49, 16 November 2020
CD Projekt Red
Picture of Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 - Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand is a prominent character in Cyberpunk universe but now it appears that Keanu Reeves, whose likeness was used for the rocker boy, also existed in it.

CD Projekt Red recently unveiled the new in-universe song, No Save Point by Run the Jewels, which mentioned Keanu Reeves by name and not Johnny Silverhand himself. This came off weird for the fans who started wondering what it could mean since we will be hearing the song in Cyberpunk 2077.

Patrick K. Mills, the quest designer on CP2077, took to Twitter to explain that the lyrics are lore-friendly and are a reference to the in-universe Keanu Reeves. He was apparently a "little known Collapse-era" actor, contrasting Reeves' popularity in our world, who apparently bore an "uncanny resemblance to Johnny Silverhand".

Following the disappearance of the latter, many people mistook Reeves for Silverhand in the universe. Some fans called the authenticity of these claims into question, prompting R. Talsorian games to respond and affirm that what Mills says about the lore is normally correct since he works directly with them and Mike Pondsmith himself.

In the Cyberpunk universe, the Collapse era happened in the 1990s when the United States suffered economic, environmental and political problems. It's still odd that Reeves was "little known" in that period since he starred in Bill & Ted, Speed and Point Break around that time.

Anyway, it's a cool thing to know, especially since we will be riding a bike designed by Keanu's real-life company. Hearing the song while on the bike will be pretty meta. 

Now it only remains to be seen if "dread the judge" lyric will lead to any potential crossover. Fingers crossed for a Karl Urban character.

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