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Bandai Namco announce an open beta version of Jump Force

Published: 09:41, 10 January 2019
Updated: 10:26, 10 January 2019
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Goku, Naruto and Luffy preparing to go into battle on Namek.
Jump Force

After giving their players a chance to try out Jump Force with a closed beta, Bandai Namco have now announced an open beta version of the game. It will be available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players only, in just over a week from now.

Players who did not get the chance to take part in the closed beta of Jump Force will be delighted to learn that Bandai Namco have decided to treat their fans with another test version of the game, but this time, it will be an open beta, with no login or download codes required.

The open beta test will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and players will be able to take part in four sessions, spanning from January 18 to January 20. PC players will sadly have to wait for the full release of the game. The exact schedule of the open beta is as follows:

Session #1: January 18th - from 13:00 to 16:00 (CET)

Session #2: January 19th - from 06:00 to 09:00 (CET)

Session #3: January 19th - from 17:00 to 20:00 (CET)

Session #4: January 20th - from 21:00 to 00:00 (CET)

The beta will consist of 17 different characters with the likes of Goku, Naruto, Frieza, Luffy, Ichigo and many others. They will be battling it out on five different stages, including Earth and the iconic planet of Namek where Goku first turned into a legendary Super Saiyan in a battle against Frieza.

Bandai Namco announced the open beta test on their official , and they also stated that many more characters will be revealed in the upcoming period. They also confirmed that more Naruto characters will be added soon. This of course makes sense because Naruto is one of the cover stars of the game, and having only him and Sasuke in the game does not really do the anime justice. We're hoping to see Madara join the roster, or even Sakura so that way we would have the complete Team 7 in the game.

Note that because this is an open beta test, players do not need to pre-order the game or sign-up for any special codes, as the test version will be available to everyone. In the comments section underneath the Open Beta post on Twitter, Bandai Namco stated that the client for the open beta may come in the form of a patch for the that was held in October. Whatever the case may be, the client will be available for download to everyone who wants to give this massive anime brawler a spin.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Vegeta and Frieza fighting on Earth in Jump Force. Jump Force is an absolutely gorgeous looking game.

It's good that Bandai Namco have finally started doing proper marketing of the game, as they to live up to the hype at this year's Jump Festa. Jump Force will be released on February 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Those truly enthusiastic about the game can pre-order the Ultimate Edition now, which will give them a three days early start with the game, among some other neat things, like Frieza's hover pod and Super Saiyan armour.

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