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Iron Harvest is getting Zeppelins and USA

Published: 08:19, 30 April 2021
King Art Games
Iron Harvest - Operation Eagle
Iron Harvest - Operation Eagle

King Art Games announced the release date of Operation Eagle, the DLC that brings along a new faction that heavily relies on airborne units as well as freedom, err, free weekend.

Iron Harvest's new faction will be called Usonia. If the name didn't tip you off on who it's based off, the trailer certainly will with the whole stars and stripes shebang.

Players will get to experience more than 20 new units with this faction as well as a fully-fledged single-player and co-op campaign that features more than 25 minutes of new cinematics.

Usonia will have its own playable heroes but the DLC will grant all the factions their own flying units. In the case of Usonia, it's zeppelins, one of which led the faction's forces in the trailer.

Since the airborne units will be available for everyone, they will require some counterplay too. All factions will also gain access to new structures and anti-air defences that should keep the zeppelins at bay.

According to King Art Games, there are also new multiplayer maps, playable allies from another upcoming but currently secret factions and a pile of new skins and seasons in the future of Iron Harvest.

 Oh, and they kicked off a free weekend, in case you wanted to try the game out before the airforce kicks in for everyone.

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