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Iron Harvest is getting an open beta soon

Published: 01:25, 26 July 2020
Updated: 08:43, 04 August 2020
King Art Games
Iron Harvest, infantry vaulting a wall
Iron Harvest, infantry vaulting

Dieselpunk real-time strategy Iron Harvest is getting an open beta in just a few days, finally ending the wait for fans who didn't have access previously.

KingArt Games already offered opportunities for fans to play various test builds of Iron Harvest but those were reserved for backers with certain perks that were gained based on the amount of money pledged during the crowdfunding phase.

Those looking to give Iron Harvest a whirl can do so on July 30, 2020, as KingArt announced they will be hosting an open beta. True to the nature of open betas, it will be free for everyone and will not be gated behind payments or keys via Twitch drops.

What's more, the developers apparently organised an event for those who participate as the official announcement mentioned a "multiplayer thingy planned".

In case you are unsure what Iron Harvest is but the aforementioned "dieselpunk RTS" description piqued your interest - the game is exactly that. The game takes place in an alternate universe where three huge nations are battling in Europe. Polania, Saxonia and Rusviet each have their own units, from mere infantry over exoskeleton-wearing melee forces to the massive mechs that devastate each others and the battlefield alike.

Mechs are carrying many cultural references so don't be surprised when you see the Rusviet Serp that literally has massive sickles for weapons.

Getting surprised by the unit will be kind of hard due to its bulky and slow nature but it's certainly terrifying. Keep in mind that there is no shame in running away from a fight with this monstrosity when you feel outmatched.

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