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Iron Harvest developer shows off new oil-spill map and fan art

Published: 19:31, 19 July 2019
Updated: 14:04, 20 July 2019
King Art Games
Picture of a giant steam automaton in Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest

King Art Games, the developer of the upcoming real-time strategy Iron Harvest, have posted a developer update that focuses on the new oil-spill map, as well as some fan-made pieces that would give Jakub Rozalski a run for his money.

Iron Harvest fans have apparently noticed that in the last dev blog featured something different, so King Art obliged and properly presented their new 1v1 multiplayer map. 

Much like Iron Harvest itself, the map is about the contrast between a quaint village and an industrial complex that contaminates it. We guess you can't go more Rozalski than that, as his 1920+ series is all about contrasts like this one.

"Players will start in clearings outside of the maps main features and must choose how they will progress. Cut through the fields to secure the village before launching your main assault, or will you wade through the oil-slick river to secure the resource wealth of the industrial complex", King art wrote.

As you'd expect from a well-implemented strategy map, each of the paths you take on Iron Harvests new battlefield comes with its own set of pros and cons, so watch your flanks and good luck.

King Art wrote that they're delighted to work with Rozalski but that they're equally as excited to see fan-made creations, one of which you can see below.

There's a few of them, but we, as well as the dev, instantly fell in love with the low poly piece by WonderWaffle you see below. It's a rendition of Rozalski's piece from the opening screen, and it's no wonder they took a liking to it. Here's - you be the judge.

Iron Harvest developer added that they're loving the "feedback loop of inspiration", referring to the fact that Rozalski painted one of his pieces after hearing the female pilot voice. Obviously, there's no shortage of inspiration here.

King Art Games Low-poly version of Jakub Rozalski's Iron Harvest piece, by WonderWaffle Iron Harvest, low-poly version of Jakub Rozalski's piece, by WonderWaffle

Should you choose to visit this year's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, King art and Iron Harvest will be there in Deep Silver's booth.

You can find Iron Harvest's latest dev blog on King Art's .

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