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Sean Bean is returning to Hitman 2 next week

Published: 11:59, 09 January 2020
IO interactive
hitman 2 screenshot showing sean bean
Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is getting a fresh batch of content this month. On 17 January, Sean Bean returns in The Undying mission which will be available for 10 days.

Io Interactive, the developer of stealth shooter Hitman 2 have revealed the January 2020 content roadmap for their title. The devs say that in 2020, the focus will be on Featured Contracts, Elusive Target Reactivations and Curated Contracts for Hitman 2 live content. Here’s your breakdown of this month’s upcoming content:

Featured Contracts

New 11 Contracts from the submission thread on Hitman Forum have been picked and they will be added to the game for everyone to play on 09 January 2020. This month’s theme was "Stay Frosty" but despite this, don’t expect to spend all of your time in snowy Hokkaido. There’s a good mix of locations and targets for players to enjoy.

Elusive Target Reactivation

The Undying is back as the devs are starting a full reactivation of all Hitman 2 Elusive Targets, starting with the very first one: The Undying. For ten days, Mark Faba will be in Miami and available to play for anyone who "missed" him the first time around. If you’ve already completed or failed this Elusive Target, your record will stand and the contract will remain closed.

Curated Contracts

In addition to Featured Contracts, a community curator lined up to pick some of their favourite contracts and have them included in the game.

All in all, a nice little addition to all players but to us, it looks like a quieter year overall for Hitman 2. This is somewhat expected since the devs already teased the next Hitman game, which is well underway.

Hitman 2, stealth shooter by IO Interactive and Warner Bros

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