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Hunt: Showdown update buffs bows, nerfs high fire rate weapons

Published: 14:14, 27 January 2022
Hunt: Showdown update 1.7.2
Hunt: Showdown update 1.7.2

Crytek released another update for Hunt: Showdown that partially rebalances the game to bring slower-firing weapons up to par with the sprayers of the weird Wild West.

Hunt: Showdown has just received an update and this one has a pretty chunky balance pass but friendly fire and certain weapon changes are pretty much the highlights.

In the way of weapon balance, bows are getting significant buffs as quick shots will inflict more damage now, not requiring you to do a full draw all the time. Furthermore, basic arrows will deal more damage to Grunts and Hellhounds, allowing them to reliably kill these enemies in one shot. Crytek suggested trying to hit their centre mass at 15 meters to have the highest chance of OHK.

Spray and pray tactics will not be as efficient as before since dual wielding, fanning and levering will now have higher recoil due to being unable to benefit from the accuracy bonus while crouching. In other words, you will have to weigh your shots more carefully now and simply unloading will not be as effective as before.

Speaking of being careful, you will also need to be aware of the damage explosives can do to friendlies. Explosives used to have a damage reduction on friendly targets but that has been removed with  update 1.7.2. Therefore, friendly booms will now be just as dangerous to you as they are to the foes.

This update isn't just about balancing weapons though. It introduced Dark Tributes which will become available at certain XP milestones, at which point you will be able to turn them in for useful goodies.

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