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HOI 4 dev diary brings with it free updates and 3D models

Published: 16:49, 02 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
The potential endings of World War II are never-ending
From generals, to lieutenants, officers are the backbone of any military

The newest edition of dev diaries brings us new updates and fixes, 3D models, and more. Perhaps not what some fans were hoping for, but the amount and quality of bug fixes alone is what the game has been in need of.

As the fifth year anniversary of Hearts of Iron 4 draws ever closer, developer diaries are taking a short break from No Step Back, and are instead bringing us the news on the latest update taking effect on June 3.

The changes taking place are updated airplane models for various countries, namely Germany, Soviet, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia. The airplane models number 54 in total. In addition to that, a new eastern front soundtrack will be available.

A free new update follows these changes, with various bug fixes, quality of life changes, and improved AI historical decisions. Highlights of the update include, but are not limited to:

Ethiopia can now peace out Italy if they push them out,

Players can now control the equipment of garrison templates, like with other templates,

Fixed incorrect naval battle reports with convoys on one side,  José Díaz portrait will now work in all combinations of DLCs,

AI no longer deletes their whole naval production queue of old ships at the game's start,

Captain Sir Tom Moore is added as a military leader for Britain. Complete with a jungle trait to reflect his service in Burma and India in the 1940s. Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away at an age of 100 in February due to COVID, and as such the developers saw it fit to honor his life in such a way.

Added Portuguese unit voice-over for La Résistance owners.

Paradox Interactive New 3D Soviet airplane models New 3D Soviet airplane models

Further changes concern various UI fixes and tidying up the Brazilian states. The vast majority of known bugs, reported by players are to be fixed in this update, showing that, although almost 5 years old, Hearts of Iron 4 remains as tight and optimized as WWII German panzer. And the heavy fighting experience of the eastern front we are all used to will be somewhat revitalized with the 13 tracks of the new soundtrack with tunes like The Soviet National Anthem, Lili Marlene, My, Pierwsza Brygada, and others.

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