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HOI IV - Peace Conference Rework Has Been Confirmed

Published: 06:48, 05 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
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It is no secret that in HoI4 the peace conference system has a number of issues with how it functions. To change this, devs are taking a large step away from what it used to be, in a new direction.

There are four primary objectives the developers wish to fulfill with the rework of the peace conference:

  • Create a system that appropriately rewards participation.
  • Allow for conflict and conflict resolution within the scope of the conference.
  • Create a limited ‘economy’ within conferences, where you may have to sacrifice your overall aims in order to secure immediate concerns.
  • Produce more ‘realistic’ outcomes where the AI is concerned.

The first major departure developers made from the old system, they say in the developer corner, was shifting from absolute claiming of territory to contestable claiming of territory. In the old PC system, once somebody claimed a state, that was it. That claim would be locked in and no one would be able to interact with it further.

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Now, players may contest other players' interactions in the conference. This doesn't come without cost. Contesting claimed territory will come with a point tax, and every time a contest happens the price of interacting with that state climbs further.

This effectively creates a bidding war between all parties invested in a given state. This change should have some interesting outcomes, allow mid and low-level participants to have more agency, and give players the tools needed to go after the states that are most important to them for things like achievements and forming new tags.

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