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Heart of Iron IV Announces New DLC Called By Blood Alone

Published: 22:50, 07 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
HOI IV - By Blood Alone DLC
HOI IV - By Blood Alone DLC

The next milestone in the Hearts of Iron story is By Blood Alone DLC. Over the coming months, devs will be revealing more on what each of these features consists of, but for now, we enjoy a snapshot of the future for Hearts of Iron.

In By Blood Alone, you will chart the course of Mussolini’s regime in Italy or subvert Italy’s historical path in one of many new alt-historical paths in the new Italian focus tree, driven by the constant involvement in war from the beginning to the end of the game.

Choose to take on the task of resisting the Italian colonial occupation as Ethiopia in their new, expansive focus tree. Will you go into exile only to return stronger than ever when the greater conflict ignites, or can you beat the ultimate challenge and evict Italian troops from your land before forging a new path for your country in the prosperous Horn of Africa?

Paradox Interactive New 3D Soviet airplane models New 3D Soviet airplane models


Perhaps experience the true meaning of ‘building tall’ by balancing your precarious situation as Switzerland, sandwiched between an ever-growing array of totalitarian regimes.

Alongside a number of changes to the air warfare system, take advantage of a comprehensive Plane Designer feature, as well as numerous quality of life improvements and new functionality for owners of La Resistance and the intel system.

Accompanying the plane designer, Paradox will be adding a whopping 67 new 3D plane models including a wide array of new Italian planes as well as going back and adding models to many important planes currently lacking them.

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