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HOI IV By Blood Alone Brings Changes To Italy

Published: 01:47, 16 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
HOI IV - By Blood Alone DLC
HOI IV - By Blood Alone DLC

Summer is coming, and with it are the updates regarding the By Blood Alone DLC. The first of which are centered around Italy, and are done the same way as with the No Step Back expansion.

With the By Blood Alone DLC, Mussolini now has a trait, which can be upgraded throughout the focus tree. There are a fair amount of starting national spirits.

Furthermore, there have been a few changes on the map.  Those would be the split of the former Istria state into Litorale with the city of Trieste, and Istria with the city of Rijeka, whose name has changed to Fiume when under Italian control, and which is now Italian at game start.

In the beautiful coast of Dalmatia, the formerly missing Victory Points of Zadar, or Zara when under Italian control, and Kotor have made an appearance, and Dubrovnik’s location has been adjusted. Compliance in Zara has been increased from 0% to 70%, to represent the significantly big amount of Italian population in the city.

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In Albania, the new VP Durrës was added so that Tirana is no longer on the coast. More importantly, Italy will now have resource rights there. There are a fair amount of new Victory Points all around Italy. Also, to keep it in line with other countries, VPs and states will now have the Italian name. 

There’s a new state in the South of the boot, which is Puglia, split from the former Calabria state, with several new VPs popping up.

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