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Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone DLC Offers New Diplomatic Options

Published: 22:22, 08 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
HOI IV - By Blood Alone DLC
HOI IV - By Blood Alone DLC

Though The HOI games are centered around war, the peace talks are always at the end of such things. Now, the new DLC is offering players additional options after conquering nations.

The latest dev diary has given us an in-depth teaser of what we can expect in By Blood Alone, as you will be able to make use of a variety of new demands in the overhauled peace conference feature.:

  • Demand the demilitarization of states,
  • The dismantling of military industry in defeated foes,
  • Civilian factory war reparations, 
  • Access to resource rights in addition to the expected array of peace conference actions.

Of course, it cannot be forgotten that navies played an important part in post-war negotiations, sou you will also be able to augment your victory by partitioning the navies of defeated foes, and putting these additional resources to good use as you look towards the next conflict.

Paradox Interactive Fighting against the Nazis in the USSR will now be harder Hearts of Iron IV


When it comes to micromanaging the war, divisional Commanders will now be the bread and butter of your future officer candidates, say the developers. Grow their skills passively as they perform their duties in command of divisions, reward their actions in combat with country-unique medals, and see their persistent achievements follow them as they are promoted to higher positions over the course of a game.

Encounter up to 20 new unit models and associated SFX, 12 new radio-integrated music tracks, and new diplomatic actions as well as many more quality of life and functional improvements to HoI in By Blood Alone.

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